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One-time Intensives with Alex

There are 2 options for customized intensive strategy sessions.

This is currently the only way to work directly with Alex.

Click the link below to learn more about the different options available. 

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3 Month One-on-One Nutrition Coaching with Support Coaches

Looking for a personalized approach to nutrition coaching? Learn how to fuel your body for your goals + achieve sustainable & maintainable results... while still going out with girlfriends for a glass of wine and having Friday night pizza with the fam.

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A Group Coaching program designed to teach you how to identify and release what's blocking you from achieving your goals, to take consistent action and stop relying on willpower... so that you can finally step into your power and hold yourself accountable to achieving your dreams.

Next program starting early Fall 2021.

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A 6-Week Group Coaching Program that teaches you how to count macros and fuel your body, to ditch the "all or nothing" mindset, and understand weight loss once and for all. It's time you finally feel confident and in control, in your body and life.

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