Does The Fuel Method adhere to a specific way of eating?
Whether you're vegetarian, strict paleo, or eat what is easiest and most accessible, we want to work with you! The health and fitness industry has lead people to believe that certain food groups should be restricted or completely avoided. We want you to have flexibility within your diet to fit your lifestyle. We do not tell you to "eat this and not that" but believe your should choose the foods you enjoy, that are accessible to you and fit in your budget.

I've heard you prescribe macros?
Yes and no. We are all at different steps in our journey... sounds cliche... but it's true! We wouldn't tell you to run a marathon if you've never ran a day in your life. We meet you where you're at. For some of us, that means we are working on our cooking skills or planning to bring a lunch from home a few times a week instead of going out to eat. For others, you may be following macros (more on that below). Regardless of your track, you will be eating a flexible diet and building habits that will create lasting results.

Wait, what's a macro?
Macros, otherwise known as macronutrients, are the largest class of nutrients that the body requires for energy. The three primary macros are carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. 

So, a flexible diet means I can eat whatever I want?
Critics of macros call it "the PopTart diet" because the perception is "as long as it fits your macros, you can eat whatever you want." Think of it like this... 90% of your food should come from nutrient dense food like meat, fish, veggies, fruit, healthy fats, and complex carbs. 10% of your food can be your vices: chocolate, ice cream, pizza, beer etc. It’s not that you can’t have these things, its learning to balance life and your goals. So yes, you can eat fruity pebbles with your kids, long as it fits in your macros! This program is learning how you can have your vices in moderation and reach your health and fitness goals. Your coach will go into macros in much greater detail. 

Can I speed up results? 
In short, be consistent with your goals. You will learn how much consistency matters throughout this process.