what is the 80/20 Guideline?

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The gist... 

80% "most of the time" your food should come from whole, minimally processed, nutritious foods.

20% "some of the time" your food can come from those treats that are more indulgent foods. 

Over time, we have been taught that we should or should not eat something, that certain foods fall into a "good" category and a "bad" category...  Especially when trying to lose body fat, and keep it off.


Then, when we DO eat something we've labeled as "bad" (because we can't and won't avoid it forever) we end up feeling disappointed, guilty, or whatever negative emotion you associate with it, for eating it.

Let’s say you love Oreo’s…

…But you know they're not a healthy snack option, so you avoid them. Then, one day you're at a friend's house and they pull out a box and you think to yourself: "Damn. I love Oreo's, I haven't had them in months!" Next thing you know, you've eaten an entire sleeve. You're angry at the Oreo's for being so tempting and angry at yourself for giving in to them!!! You swear off the Oreo's again and vow to never eat them... until the next time.

Is this balance? Will you live the rest of your life fearing Oreo's? 

What if you told yourself: "I could have one Oreo every day if I wanted to."

Does that seem a little more reasonable? Do you think you'd want to eat an Oreo every day? Would you be more or less likely to eat an entire sleeve in one sitting?


It's pretty terrible to think that you have to cut out your favorite foods to live a healthy lifestyle, lose weight and then be able to keep it off.

What if you didn't have to write off those treats forever and allowed them in to your diet? It can shift the way you look at food to a place of balance and moderation. 

There IS a difference between choosing to be mindful and feeling in control with your food and your body, versus eating whatever you want, whenever you want.

At the end of the day, you're aiming to have a healthy life. What you do MOST of the time (80%) matters more than what you do SOME of the time (20%). Balance includes a night out with friends and pancakes on Sunday's with your family. You can find balance and moderation between living life and pursuing your health and wellness goals by being consistent in your pursuit!

What Does Eating 80/20 Look Like For YOU?

Take a few minutes to think about what the 80/20 approach might look like for you.

Are you the type of person that is more likely to stay on track by indulging in something small each day?

Do you prefer to eat whole, nutritious foods 6 days out of the week and have one day that you include more indulgent foods?

It's up to you to find out which approach works best for you!

Alex Bladek