Nutrition & Exercise Are Worth More Than Weight Loss

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We need to stop looking at the only benefits to eating healthy and exercise is weight loss or a toned body. It’s so much more than that.

Yes, getting your nutrition dialed in will help you lose weight. But, that's not the only thing worth paying attention to!

Nutrition is providing your body with nutrients it needs so it can thrive!

It's about improving or preventing certain dangers to your health, like high cholesterol, liver function, heart health, chronic conditions, hair/skin/nails health, and your hormonal balance.

I think sometimes, we get so caught up in thinking about "I need to eat this way to be _____" (fill in the blank with whatever goal you are thinking right now.)

Nutrition and your health does not equal the size and shape of your body. You could be thin and extremely unhealthy. You could be overweight and have a perfect health screen.

I once had a conversation with a client who was concerned that she needed to continue to increase her activity level to continue to see weight loss. Working out should not be a punishment for the calories you had to eat. Working out is more than that. It is working on improving and preventing things that could be dangerous to your health AND helping you live a long (and strong) life!

What you put into your body and how you use your body is a gift.

Not a punishment.