Our Method...

Getting to know you
Once you sign-up, you will receive the Intake Form. This is to gather information about your lifestyle, eating habits, challenges, and goals.

Get started ASAP!
After you've signed up for TFM, you can get right to work! Download the app called MyFitnessPal, log your meals, snacks, and drinks. Make estimations of your portions sizes for now. You will need to have logged a minimum of 3 days in MFP before we can start. This will provide insight to your habits, lifestyle and what foods you like!. 

Your Method
We will review your MFP food journal, intake form, assign your weekly check-in day, provide instructions on how to get started and a few guides to help make things easier. You will need to take initial measurements and answer any lingering questions.

Weekly accountability check-in’s
These check-ins are an opportunity to talk about your successes and challenges over the last week, submit progress pictures, weigh-in and voice any questions, comments, or concerns. Your coach will provide feedback and tasks for the following week within 24 hours.

Participate in the Facebook Group
You will become a member of our private FaceBook community. Share recipes, ask questions, discuss your "macro hacks" or whatever else comes up throughout this journey. You are not alone!


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What happens when you commit...

  • You receive a habit-based nutrition program, tailored to YOU. Your goals, lifestyle, habits, likes and dislikes, body type, activity level and so much more is taken into account when creating your method.

  • You build and create small habits for lasting results. It is not a crash diet, a shake or a pill. It is not a 30 day challenge that you can't wait until it's over so you can drink a margarita again. You're in this for the long-haul.

  • You have continuous support. One-on-one contact with your coach, monitor your progress, and receive personalized adjustments along the way.

  • You will believe in yourself! You will learn that you can achieve your goals while living life.

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