The Fuel Method

By Alexandra Nick

The Fuel Method

By Alexandra Nickl

Hello, beautiful

The Fuel Method has gone through many evolutions, a lot like you. But, the vision has always been the same.  We work with women that are ready for constant growth and evolution. That desire to intentionally create their life, and do it on their terms. We help women achieve their deepest desires, goals & dreams that light their heart on fire.


Do you feel like you have to stop eating the food you love to get the results you crave? When you join TFM, you will learn how you can eat your favorite foods and reach your goals.



"I'll start again on Monday." We've all said it. Between the weekly check-in’s with your coach and access to our private Facebook group, you will be supported throughout this whole process.



Tired of feeling tired? Coffee is life, but so is not crashing at 3pm. With TFM, you will be eating food to increase your energy, boost your mood and improve your performance in the gym! Win, win win!


Hi, I'm Alex

I am a Business Mentor that helps female entrepreneurs take radical ownership of their lives and their businesses, in the most beautiful, purpose filled way possible. 

I built a 6-figure nutrition coaching business in less than a year, while also experiencing burnout, frustration and doubt. At the end of 2020 I realized that I couldn't keep living my life this way, even if it was "good money." So, I scrapped my entire 250k business plan and took radical ownership of my life and my business. I stopped running my business how everyone said you "should" and started focusing on what brought ME joy. Bringing more time, freedom, love, fun, impact and yes, income (but I've learned that that is just the cherry on top). 

I'm on a mission to help other female entrepreneurs build businesses that light their heart on fire. Businesses that add more and more to their lives. To amplify their genius. And, to live life on their terms.

Free Downloads

Healthy lifestyle grocery list

Your physical energy is one of your superpowers. Taking care of business, means taking care of your body.

Personal development prompts

Rewire your brain, increase your self-belief and redefine what success means to you.


Lisa B.

I have been working with Alex for 2 months and I’m down 6 pounds and 8-10 inches. I learned how fueling your body correctly can make a huge difference.

Lana F.

I don't feel like I'm depriving myself of anything and have a much better relationship with food! 

Page H.

I've learned that it really is okay to not be perfect 100% of the time. Even though that was my biggest challenge it is also my biggest takeaway.

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